A recent internet search turned up statistics claiming that 54,000 photos are taken every second, 196 million per hour, 4.7 billion per day. With such mind-boggling numbers of photos being produced and consumed, there has never been a better time for a service that wades through the chaff to find the hidden gems; photos that move us, that inspire us, that at the very least, for want of a better word, are quite simply……., beautiful. Hence, @interpubliq_mag and the keen and sensitive eye of Dekante, a true lover of photography, a photographer and a photo curator extraordinaire.

Dekante loves photography like a unicorn loves cotton candy and rainbows, but that does not mean he sports rose-tinted glasses. He is painfully aware that for too many years, the people behind the cameras with the most exposure, were not a very diverse group, and the subjects which they snapped were not always accurately represented. Thank Google, Dekante has risen to the challenge, for if he were to host a dinner with only kickass photographs as a means of entry, the guests would be from every facet of society and the dinner table, like King Arthur’s famed court, would be round.

For these reasons and others, if you are looking for eye candy and gaining new perspectives, @interpubliq_mag is the place to see and be seen.

Written by the baconator @kevinaurban 🙂