CARRÉ- This Is Not A Band (Official Video)

May 12, 2022
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CARRÉ LA-based French psychedelic electronic stone triplet get back with a pristine single and video, “Turn Down the Choir.” Imagine Pink Floyd’s The Wall crossed with LCD Soundsystem on a trippy LSD venture. This hallucinogenic driving techno is spot on with the French triplet’s one of a kind sound that they debuted the previous spring on their self-named debut EP which earned worldwide approval.

“Between its swirling synth work and blitzing melody, the track goes from hauntingly uncanny into something euphorically uplifting.”  

-Grimy Goods

“Dark, moody synth-pop at its somber best, falling aesthetically somewhere between Cold Cave and early New Order – with an ominously galloping beat that almost gives the effect of bearing down on the listener. The seemingly coded lyrics are like a puzzle being proffered for decipherment – and it certainly sounds like they’re trying to tell us something important, even exigent.”

-Blackbook Mag



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