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Cinematic Photography

Shot by Mark Forbes

Mark Forbes is best known for his contemplative and atmospheric documentary photography of street scenes, urban landscapes and structures. He employs film as his medium of choice for personal documentary work – using predominantly traditional medium format cameras. 1- Amazing work! How do you come up with these simple yet powerful compositions? Thanks very much. The compositions come from lots of exploring and having

Shot By Carl Corey

Carl Corey is a Guggenheim Fellow in Photography and the recipient of over 100 awards from the photography and publishing communities including National INDIE Book Publishers Best Photography Book, The Crystal Book Award, Midwest Publishers Gold Book Award, New York Art Directors Club, Communication Arts, Print Annual and USA National Best Book

Shot By Patrick Stevens

My name is Patrick Stevens, I’m a street photographer living in San Francisco, CA. I’ve been shooting street daily for the past 3 years. I shoot primarily black and white as I prefer the esthetic and it also helps simplify my decision making process on the streets. I’m inspired by