NFT’s By Stefano Favaretto

My name is Stefano Favaretto, I’m an italian based NFT Photographer, curator and community builder. After 17 years working as psychologist and psychotherapist I decided to become a full time artist and to travel around the world exhibiting my art and connecting my psychological background to my art. I joined the NFT space since one year where being also a co-founder of the Global Art Exhibition I had the possibility to curate three important exhibitions in Hong Kong, Rome and Sharjah keeping in contact with some of the most important international artists. I became a pioner in the NFT space creating the first italian NFT community on Clubhouse and curating the first NFT exhibition in Sharjah at the House of Wisdom with the local government.

What is Non fungible Token ( NFT) photography ?

We can imagine NFT photography like a package where the JPG photographic file is associated to a unique not replicable crypto currency token (an encrypted code) that is saved on blockchain making this piece really unique and adding value to the file itself. Arstist and collectors can sell or buy the NFT in a very decentralized and immediate way thanks to the minting platforms becoming part of a special community. The NFT system is giving much more value to the photographer that having unique blockchain certified pieces can attract different collectors.

When did you start taking picture? 

I started taking pictures since I was 14 years old, thanks to my father that also was passionate about photography. I also found some pictures of me where i was 4 years old and i already had a camera in the hands. Photography has always been my passion.

What do call your style of photography and why did you choose that? 

I call my style of photography spiritual-psychological photography because I,m traying to associate my photos to a psychological or spiritual meaning that could also be helpful to persons connecting to their emotion. I hardly believe in the healing process related to art.

Are NFTs a new art form?

NFTs are a tool to create something unique with more value and being part of a decentralized system. Adding this value to art we can say that we are watching at a new way or form to create art that is totally revolutionary and that will influence the next future of the world of art.

Why did you decide to sell your art as a NFT

I decided to sell my art as NFT because I’m thinking that is adding more value to my photography and because I love the concept of being decentralized creating my own brand and reaching out my collectors without the need of an intermediary. I also love the idea of being part of a new technology offering to artits and collectors many new markets possibilities .

What platform are you using to mint and sell your photography

I minted my NFTs on Opensea and Foundation

Should museums take into consideration  buying NFT artwork?

Many big museum already started selling NFTs understanding the new possibilities that this way of art is giving. NFTs can be solda st editions of famous artworks of the museum but also as ticketing for entering particular exhibitions or for being part of special programs.

Are NFTs the future of art and collectibles?

Yes: in my opinion we are just at the beginning of a new revolutionary system that will for sure influence the world of art for the next generations .


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NFT’s By Stefano Favaretto