Shot By Carl Corey

Carl Corey is a Guggenheim Fellow in Photography and the recipient of over 100 awards from the photography and publishing communities including National INDIE Book Publishers Best Photography Book, The Crystal Book Award, Midwest Publishers Gold Book Award, New York Art Directors Club, Communication Arts, Print Annual and USA National Best Book Awards.. Carl’s work has been featured in many of photography’s most prestigious periodicals, including Camera Work Bicentennial Edition, Communication Arts, Columbia Journalism Review and Visual Communication Quarterly.

When was your first picture taken? 

How do you put the person, place, or thing  in front of the camera onto  film, chip, or paper  the way you want it to?

I was formally trained as a designer and photographer. I use that training intuitively to make my pictures. I do not overthink the process.

What photographers have influenced you, and how have they influenced the way you approach your subject

Saul Leiter, Helen Levitt, _ use of color and atmosphere
  Walker Evens, Eugene Smith, – Documentary Integrity
 William Eggleston – Because he’s crazy.

What exactly do you want to say with your photos, and how do you make your photos do that?
  I want to share what i discover in the hope my pictures motivate others to think and react in a creative or intellectual manner. I don’t narrate I share.

What photographic gears do you use to stay focused on what you do best when shooting?

I use one camera and one lens at a time. I rarely think about camera gear BUT do feel you need to use gear that fits you and becomes intuitive to use. Simpler the better.

Any technology/software/hardware?

I process raw files in iridient developer then export into photoshop. i only do what could be done in a conventional color darkroom.

What motivates you to continue taking pictures? Is it  political, intellectual or emotional?

 All of the above apply. I explore what I feel need to be explored and shared those results photographically.

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Shot By Carl Corey