Shot By Joshua June

Hello I’m Joshua June.

When was your first picture taken? 

My first photograph was taken during a film school project, we had to tell a story with five images on slide film.

How do you put the person, place, or thing  in front of the camera onto  film, chip, or paper  the way you want it to?

 I usually let conversation and comfortability, place the subject in position, in order to achieve the vision. 

What photographers have influenced you, and how have they influenced the way you approach your subject

The photographers who influenced me are Gordon Parks, Richard Avadon, Sammy Davis Jr., Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier, and my peers, through their motivation and talent. 

What exactly do you want to say with your photos, and how do you make your photos do that?

Moving forward in my photographic journey, outside of street photography, I would like my images to speak the truth of history. Moving forward I would also like to bring to life some of my favorite 

African proverbs. So answering the question in full, my photography up until this point has been about me learning the essence and quality of my photography.

What photographic gears do you use to stay focused on what you do best when shooting?

My photo gears are Sony A6600 camera, 60mm 2.5 lens, 30mm 1.4 lens, 130mm 1.8 lens, and 16-55mm 2.8 lens

Any technology/software/hardware?


What motivates you to continue taking pictures? Is it  political, intellectual or emotional?

What motivates me about taking photographs is the ability to continue learning the human behavior and the beauty of interacting. So political, intellectual, and emotional can

be a pot of gumbo for me.


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Shot By Joshua June