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Shot By Magdalena

Her work has evolved from celebrating the feminine form to embracing more inclusive representations of race and body beauty. She has received recognition from the International Photo Awards, the Hallmark Hall of Fame, and the Pen Women of America Can you share your journey from studying Commercial Advertising at Brooks Institute to becoming a celebrated fine art photographer and activist,

Shot By Joshua June

Hello I’m Joshua June. When was your first picture taken? My first photograph was taken during a film school project, we had to tell a story with five images on slide film. How do you put the person, place, or thing in front of the camera onto film, chip, or paper the way you

Shot by Zoe Hibert

My name is Zoe. I am a French photographer based in Paris. I love capturing street life scenes and for me, the images that appear mundane at first sight often convey the strongest feelings and have the most impact. I particularly like the analog, as the film has something special… What

Shot By Nina Papiorek

My name is Nina Papiorek, and I am a female photographer based in Germany. I was born in 1979 and am the mother of two girls. My photography topics are architectural based Street photography and Fine Art Landscapes. I like to mix different themes, because I am bored very quickly