Hi, thans for leltting me speak about my art, here are my answers. Sorry for any faults or bad english, I’m french

When was your first picture taken?

My first picture taken ? I was very young, around 8 years old, with an old familial compact camera that my mom had. I’d had a lot of fun with this, filming and shooting everything, but it was reckless, no DA behind, just testing the stuff.

How do you put the person, place, or thing  in front of the camera onto  film, chip, or paper  the way you want it to?

I love to center everything in my frame or have a symmetry, I don’t ask myself too much question about the composition, it’s the light that guide me for the frame, and then I move the subjet.

What photographers have influenced you, and how have they influenced the way you approach your subject

The most inspirationnal photographer for me would be Andre Josselin, and all thoses « magazines » picture I was looking 2 years ago, had deeply influenced me to create « cinematic » photos, i wanted to create a photo with such a deep atmosphere, it could tell a story just with the ambiance, the light, and the color. There is also Francisco Marin, a south american making masterpiece ambiants pictures. Odesza isn’t a photographer but all their visuals and poetry are insanely inspirationnal

What photographic gears do you use to stay focused on what you do best when shooting?

I shoot only with a Fujifilm X-T2, its a small expert hybrid camera, not the best but extremely efficient. I always switch between a 24mm, 35mm and a 50-140mm, i love to have details of environment, but still doing portraits, so 35mm is my fav lens. I Always use diffusion filter, I used to use the Black Pro Mist but I turned to use everyday the cinebloom. Lately i’ve been using all the time a star filter with my Cinebloom filter. It give such an soft and warm light, a vintage feeling very hard to create in post production.

Any technology/software/hardware?

I do everything in Lightroom, sometimes Photoshop is useful only to give effects, remove thing, work on details and skin but lightroom at 95%.

What motivates you to continue taking pictures? Is it  political, intellectual or emotional

It’s a way for me to show the beauty, of the light, the sun, the world around me, few people are looking at the world with this kind of view, and I want to share my feeling of all thoses summer vibes, thoses nostalgics moments, a way to look at the past with pride, joy and nostalgia. It is also a good way to meet amazing people, and it has give me so much, it challenge me on thing I would never did before, waking up extremely soon to shoot the sun, create artistic projects , I’m a simple person who love to feel the sun warming his skin.

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