Shot By  Nan Xiuping 	南修平

My Name is Nan Xiuping

When was your first picture taken? 

I started 3 years ago

How do you put the person, place, or thing  in front of the camera onto  film, chip, or paper  the way you want it to?

Basically, I am conscious  about  taking pictures with a simple arrangement and a story.

What photographers have influenced you, and how have they influenced the way you approach your subject

There are many photographers who have influenced me, but the one that has influenced me the most is the daily photography taken by the soul writer, including the camera angle.

What exactly do you want to say with your photos, and how do you make your photos do that?

It would be great if each person who saw my picture could feel something about the story.

What photographic gears do you use to stay focused on what you do best when shooting?

The camera uses a Fujifilm X-T2 medium telephoto lens.

Any technology/software/hardware?


What motivates you to continue taking pictures? Is it  political, intellectual or emotional?

This is because taking a picture makes my  everyday scenery look different and  impresses me.


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Shot By Nan Xiuping 南修平