Shot By Alina Lebedeva

Born in the USSR, Moscow in 1980. Alina Lebedeva is a contemporary artist, specialized in nude, art, portrait and fashion photography, both in black and white and colour. Her photographs are prized by many private collectors worldwide. She launched her photography career at the age of 24.

 I have visited your website, you are an accomplished photographer, and your fineart nude photography are great. In your nude art , you are focus to a  classical and progressive style. Why do you prefer them?

I prefer to be myself, never think about any styles. I do what I am. That’s the point of art and creativity.

I know that normally people can classify what they see, but I never think about it regarding what I do.

As a female photographer, what is your opinion about nude fineart photography

If you are a female photographer and a female model, both heterosexual, I think that it is a true nude photography, about the author’s vision and creative interaction between the photographer and the model.

What about nude  photography most gets your interest?

For me nude photography as a clean sheet of paper, original of a woman. It can be filled with author’s meaning and senses, nothing superfluous. 

Shooting  a nude model is not easy, What are you  doing or saying  to make your model  comfortable?  And what do you find challenging? 

It’s easy and really nothing challenging for me when you do your work and create what you like and feel. 

The choice of model is one of the most important stage before the shooting process. You should feel the person and understand each other. The most important thing is to establish a relationship of trust between you and your model. If you have mutual interest and trust, all future process will be comfortable for us. 

What do you want your photos to say to the viewers? 

The woman is the most beautiful creature in the world.

What photographers have influenced you? 

My life, my mood, life events, people around are what have influence on me. 

Another photographers are another minds. It’s strange and unnatural for me to be under somebody’s else influence.

Do you shoot on film or digital? What equipment do you use? 

I can shoot on both, film and digital. 

I started to shoot on film because at that time there was no technically good digital cameras. Now there’s no problem with it and I prefer to use digital.

I have Canon mark IV and some L lenses. There absolutely no sense for me on what equipment the picture was made if it is made as you wish.

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Shot By Alina Lebedeva