Shot By Joshua June

Hello I’m Joshua June. When was your first picture taken?  My first photograph was taken during a film school project, we had to tell a story with five images on slide film. How do you put the person, place, or thing  in front of the camera onto  film, chip, or paper  the way you

Shot By Patrick Stevens

My name is Patrick Stevens, I’m a street photographer living in San Francisco, CA. I’ve been shooting street daily for the past 3 years. I shoot primarily black and white as I prefer the esthetic and it also helps simplify my decision making process on the streets.  I’m inspired by

Shot by Zoe Hibert

My name is Zoe. I am a French photographer based in Paris. I love capturing street life scenes and for me, the images that appear mundane at first sight often convey the strongest feelings and have the most impact. I particularly like the analog, as the film has something special…  What